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The most common usage of our site is for players, parents and college coaches to search for the best summer team for them.

Searching for a team most often starts with finding a league that fits the player’s stage of development. Players need to play to improve. The whole idea of summer ball is play against competition at a level that will acclimate you to a higher caliber of play. If you reach too high, you will sit on the bench and have a wasted unhappy summer. If you don’t reach high enough you won’t learn anything. Your college coach can help steer you in the right direction. To help him out, try to find some teams of interest and let him guide you.

Finding the right league.

CSBN TOP 10 Leagues and TOP 25 Teams

We urge you to review out top leagues and teams. CSBN uses a data-driven quantitative approach to ratings.

Searching Leagues

In the top menu go to Listings and select League Listings. This will bring you to League Listing Page.

In this example, we have selected the Northeast Region.

Example of Grid View

Example of Northeast Region Sorted Alphabetically

Most league listings contain a wealth of information about the league. Teams in the league can be found by clicking on Teams. Events such as All-Star Games and playoff dates can be found under the Events tab.


Our site allows you to compare the attributes of each league. Visit their website, check out their rosters to see where their players come from.

Teams vary greatly in every league so be sure to check them all out.


While most leagues leave recruiting to their teams some leagues handle it at the league level. On each league listing, we have indicated either Apply To “Directly To Teams” or “League Office”.  Don’t waste your time contacting leagues that leave recruiting up to their teams.

Be realistic if you are clearly not ready to play in a league/team, they probably will ignore your inquiry. Remember, in most cases, coaches and general managers are seasonal employees and get swamped during the recruiting season. If you don’t hear from a league/team move on to your next choice.