Collegiate Summer Baseball Network is pleased to announce that Arielle Gordon has joined us as a Reg

April 11, 2020

Collegiate Summer Baseball Network is pleased to announce that Arielle Gordon has joined us as a Regional Reporter covering the Mid-Atlantic Region and North Carolina. Arielle will report on news and developments in her region with feature articles, interviews and videos on summer collegiate baseball in her region. She will also be a regular member of our new weekly live streaming show covering the week’s action.

Arielle is a junior at Colorado College where she is the Editor in Chief of the student newspaper, The Catalyst and assists the Colorado College director and associate directors of athletic communications in writing feature stories about teams or stand-out athletes.

A prolific sportswriter, Gordon is also the head writer for DC-based The Sideline Observer (, Arielle leads a team of 10-12 writers and publishes a weekly column about the Washington Nationals. She also manages the publication’s Twitter account.

In her work with Athletics Communications, she became credentialed to cover all D1 events and DIII regular and postseason play. She has written about sports from many angles, including covering the results of athletic teams as well as personal stories about athletes and members of the coaching staff.

“Sports have been an important part of my life as long as I can remember. The Washington Nationals moved to D.C. just as I was old enough to attend games with my dad. He taught me how to keep score and I now have a collection of over 100 scorecards from games that I have attended. As an athlete, I figure skated and played varsity softball in high school, even spending a short time as a softball umpire in college.”

Naoki “Ki” Yamaguchi, Media Manager for CSBN and Collegiate Summer Baseball Register, commented, “If we were to write up an ideal resume for our Regional Reporters it would look a great deal like Arielle’s. She is obviously a baseball person and loves to write. We are very fortunate to have her on the team covering this very important area.”

Arielle will be responsible for covering such terrific leagues as the Coastal Plain League, Valley League and Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League among others.