Trinity Bat Company: Small Business, Big League Bats

Family, passion and quality. Amongst many choices these values can help a player choose the best bat for the best price from a principled company.

“We want to make sure we are right in what we do,” Trinity Bat Company President Steve McKee said. “And we are turning out a good product that represents our faith.”

Trinity Bat Company has crafted some of the highest quality wood bats in the game since their inception in 2005. After Los Angeles Angels’ stars Vladimir Guerrero and Orlando Cabrera started using McKee’s bats in 2006 the company has been well established with big leaguers to little leaguers.

Trinity may be a small local company, but it is easy to see evidence of their impact across the baseball world. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Corey Seager was smashing a double on the opening night of MLB’s season using a Trinity Bat. The same high-quality wood is also in the hands of minor leaguers, collegiate and amateur players across the country.

“If our logo goes on the bat it’s major league wood,” McKee said. “[All players] need the best wood, their games are just as important as the big leaguers.”

McKee is passionate about the importance of a good bat for everyone. He was an adult player in Southern California using local Glomar Bats. When they went into bankruptcy McKee was inspired to start his own local company centered in the baseball hotbed of the Los Angeles metro region.

Trinity Bats has since grown in the last 15 years. Approximately 50-60 major leaguers and hundreds of minor leaguers currently use Trinity lumber. The company has also spread overseas as an affiliate of the World Baseball Federation. Trinity Bats are in use in Taiwan and in Korea with the KBO. Through this growth McKee has committed to keeping Trinity a smaller family owned business.

“Sometimes when you get into the larger companies it’s the dollar- how can we save here and there,” McKee said. “For a smaller company that’s family owned we aren’t in tune with that as much as getting a quality product out.”

One aspect that stands out for Trinity Bats is not using contracts. McKee essentially gives players and teams a free trial to use his bats.

“I don’t believe in paying them to swing my bats,” McKee said. “I want them to swing it cause it’s doing the job for them.”

Amateurs do not get a trial opportunity, but they will be in the hands of the McKee family and their values. Anyone can purchase a custom wood bat or other accessories on Trinity’s website. Players have a choice of wood between birch, ash and maple along with a variety of other customizations.

Wood is sent from a mill in Canada, Pennsylvania or New York to Trinity’s manufacturing headquarters in Orange County, California. The wood is weighed and quality verified. The bats are then spun, sanded, boned and sprayed by the McKee family and their team. To control the weight properly they spray instead of dipping the bats.

Through a calibrated family led process McKee believes Trinity is producing the highest quality bats. The results have been seen on the field impacting the game of MLB players such as Yasiel Puig all the way down to players at the youth level.

“Baseball is quite a game,” McKee said. “We play it from a little leaguer up to adults and we are just happy to be part of the game and be a part of what’s going down on the field.”

Trinity Bat Company prides itself on being family owned with a strong passion for baseball that produces a powerful bat. Trinity is a small business, but they can help develop a big star on the diamond at any level.

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