Dinger Bats: Major League Quality and Customer Service

It’s all about the S3 Assurance. 

At Dinger Bats, they promise superior wood, superior craftsmanship, and superior customer service.

“As a smaller company, we have to focus more on the customer service because making a bat is not rocket science,” Dinger Bats Director of Business Development Shane Shepard said. 

For the past 14 years, Dinger Bats has been providing high-quality wood bats to major and minor league baseball players. They provide bats to current MLB players Kyle Schwarber (Chicago Cubs) and Matt Adams (Atlanta Braves). 

For their major league clients, Dinger Bats tries to hand-deliver an order in time for batting practice. This gives the player time to test out their new bats, and chat with the person who worked on the bat. Dinger Bats is located in southern Illinois, so they are just a drive away from Schwarber at Wrigley Field or Adams at Truist Field.

During a normal year, they also go to Spring Training. Shepard goes to Arizona and someone else from Dinger Bats goes to Florida. There, they get to talk to the players, but they can also offer bats to the minor league players. This way, the player can try them out and decide for himself if he wants to place a custom order. 

“And we also targeted the minor league camps in the sense of the stock bats that the players are getting,” Shepard said. “Our idea was if we get enough of those bats in the clubhouse as the guys are minor league players when we saw them in the major leagues, it wouldn’t be, ‘Oh, who are you guys again?’ It would be, ‘Oh yeah, I saw you when I was Omaha.’”

Dinger Bats aren’t just for professionals. They also make bats for youth and amateur players. For a player looking to transition from an aluminum bat to a wood bat, Shepard recommends that they start practicing with a wood bat in the batting cages as early as possible. Since metal bats are hollow, the barrels tend to be larger, but if a wood bat were the same size, it would be too heavy to swing. 

“We always tell everyone to go to the most balanced bat they feel comfortable with in a wood because any wood bat is going to feel top-heavy compared to an aluminum bat,” Shepard said. “Just try to find the model that most resembles what you’re used to swinging. The barrel’s going to look so much smaller, but that’s the sacrifice you give.” 

As a major league bat company, Dinger Bats sources their wood from one of 34 approved vendors. About 80% of the bats they make are maple, followed by ash and birch. Most of their orders are for custom bats, and over half of their current business is from returning customers. 

“Although we’re not able to be as flexible with every customer that’s in high school as we are with some of the major league players, they still are able to get the highest quality wood … along with the customer service,” Shepard said. 

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