California Leagues Waiting for Baseball

Baseball and the golden state are synonymous. And while California’s Covid-19 regulations are widely seen as some of the most stringent in the country, the state’s summer collegiate baseball leagues are optimistic in holding a shortened 2020 season.   

Based on guidelines by California Governor Gavin Newsom, counties in the state are currently under varying conditions in phase two of a reopening process. Sports will be permitted to play without fans under phase three conditions. Phase four conditions will allow live audiences at sporting events.   

Individual counties will be allowed to proceed faster than the state mandates if they meet specific guidelines in cases and testing. Currently all heavily populated counties in the state are in the first stage of phase two reopening. There is no current timeline for when phase three will be initiated by the state, but Newsom recently speculated “it will take months not weeks.”  


Here are updates from all summer collegiate baseball leagues in California tracked by CSBN-

Bay Area Collegiate League:  

The only summer collegiate baseball league exclusively located in the San Francisco Bay Area has been delayed until at least mid-June and as late as early July according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. The eight teams of the BACL are largely composed of local NAIA, lower division NCAA and Junior College players. The league does not house players. The BACL’s twitter account on May 2nd said, “when baseball fields open, we play ball.”  

California Collegiate League:  

The highest ranked league by CSBN last year in California has delayed their season until July 1st. One of the league's ten teams, the San Luis Obispo Blues, cancelled their 2020 season. For a full story on the CCL read here.  

Golden State Collegiate League:  

The GSCL is currently the only California based league to cancel their season. The eight-team league also includes one organization in both Nevada and Oregon. The league is largely composed of lower division NCAA players and does not rely on host families. However, the uncertainty of the pandemic and logistical challenges of geographically spread out teams made a 2020 season unfeasible.  

San Diego League:  

In its second year of existence the league owned by JKJ Sports LLC continues to be proactive in planning a 2020 season. The SDL plans to start playing baseball in mid-June preceded by workouts and then simulated games, according to a May 14th article in the San Diego Union Tribune. An SDL released graphic showed the home plate umpire will be positioned behind the pitcher’s mound to adhere to social distancing measures. The SDL owns all eight of their teams and planned to play games at Cal State San Marcos. This facility may be unavailable due to all California State University campuses being closed through the duration of the 2020 year. San Diego County is early in phase two of reopening. The SDL currently has 42 NCAA D1 schools represented on their rosters this season.    

Southern California Collegiate League:  

The six-team National Baseball Congress (NBC) affiliated league has delayed their 2020 season. According to commissioner Andrew Starke the San Diego Force have “decided not to operate this summer.” The league primarily has NCAA D2 players. Teams are spread out across Southern California. Most notable are the defending champion Palm Springs Power who gained national attention last year by starting their season 36-0.  

Sunset Baseball Association:  

The Southern California based league has delayed their season until July 1st. According to commissioner Victor Espinosa, the league had a meeting with all eight teams on May 13th to discuss contingency plans. With most city, high school and college parks closed, the league’s greatest difficulty is finding fields for games. Three Sunset teams are based in LA County. County public health officials have said that LA County will very likely be under stay at home restrictions through the end of July. The league is looking outside the county for a ballpark to host all games and abide by governmental regulations. The league is composed of NCAA D1 and D2 and junior college players.  

Western Baseball Association:  

The NBC affiliated league has delayed their season until July 1st. The eight-team league centered in San Diego County is planning to have a season ending in early August. The season delay centers around waiting for approval to play on local fields. According to President Mike Studer the South Bay Saints in LA County have cancelled their 2020 season. Most league players are from NCAA D1. The league uses host families.  

Other Leagues-  

  • California Prospect League: The Los Angeles based league was planning 2020 as their inaugural season. When reached for comment, commissioner and founder Ryan Davis said, “At this time we have decided to forgo discussing our league operations with the media.” The league’s website calendar has games slated to start June 15. However, a league information page also on the CPL’s website lists the start of their next season as 2021. The four-team league is composed of lower division NCAA players.  

  • Pacific Shore League: The San Diego based league is planning to play this summer as of April 4th according to the league’s twitter account. League general manager Ryan Hart did not respond to requests for comment. The six-team league houses players in local hostels and hotels.  

  • Palm Springs Collegiate League: The league did not respond to requests for comment. The league will be active this summer as of a media release in mid-April. The PSCL has remained active on their league twitter account. The league’s 11 teams all play in Palm Springs with players housed in an area resort.  

Independent Team-  

  • Humboldt Crabs: The longest continuously operated summer collegiate team in the nation announced on May 14th they are cancelling their 2020 season. The barnstorming Crabs located in the remote northwestern corner of the state said the season’s “risks outweighed the rewards” in a statement released by their board of directors.  

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